Our Promise

At Pono Consulting Group, our goal is to provide the owner with a turnkey solution for any project they embark upon with a focus on customer service, quality, and cost-efficiency to exceed their expectations at every step in the process.

Services Provided

Pre-Construction Services

Pono Consulting Group provides focused preconstruction Services. This is essentially a preconstruction project manager, assigned to lead the project through all details prior to the start of your construction project.

Our Preconstruction Services “fill in the blanks” based on experience, knowledge and historical data, so that the owner and design team are not surprised by potential escalating project costs as the design comes to finalization.

Further, we quickly develop required alternate approaches and solutions from similar projects.

We always focus on the interests of our clients from the outset of the project – by assuring designs are complete and in accordance with their needs, thoroughly reviewing all project documents to see that they have all the specifics required to build the project.

Construction and Project Management

Our team of highly qualified, experienced project and construction managers work closely with all project stakeholders to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.

Pono Consulting Group provides proactive project management that includes

  1. Specification of project objectives and plans including delineation of scope, budgeting, scheduling, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants.
  2. Maximization of efficient resource utilization through procurement of labor, materials and equipment according to the prescribed schedule and plan.
  3. Implementation of various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction throughout the entire process.
  4. Development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various project participants.

Quality Assurance

Field-testing is generally performed to satisfy project specifications but it is also performed to locate failures and to perform forensic investigation. This gives the building owner confidence in the installers work. It has also proven to improve over-all project quality control, by holding accountable the general contractor and subcontractors involved in the installation process for the quality of their work. PCG also performs eld-testing procedures to evaluate the performance of installed windows, doors, sloped glazing systems, ribbon windows, and exterior building facades for both new construction and existing construction. These tests allow us to provide the client with quality assurance of newly constructed assemblies – as well as diagnose failures in existing assemblies, pinpointing the causes of water intrusion, air; infiltration, and general construction defects.

The Pono Consulting Group field staff are all properly trained and knowledgeable of current testing standards used in the field. When you are looking for a reputable company to perform accurate professional testing, provide concise reports – and help you through the entire process – contact Pono Consulting Group right away.

Condition Assessment and Investigation

Forensic & Failure Analysis

Design & Engineering

Renewable Energy Consultation & Construction

Building Envelope Design & Construction

Renovation & Retrofit

3rd Party Peer Review

Testing and Inspection Services

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