Construction Management: Building Value at Every Step of a Project

Construction projects are unique in a few ways – each one is different from the next and require a team of individuals working together towards common goals and interests to be successful. Owners rely on skilled experts in each field or discipline to bring the project from an initial thought in the owner’s mind to a successfully completed product. The typical parties in a construction project include:

  • The Owner, who commissions and subsequently funds the project. 
  • The Architect, who designs the project.  
  • The General Contractor, who oversees day-to-day construction operations and manages specialized subcontractors.

These parties perform vastly different functions from one another, and in most cases, come from different organizations. All these functions, while important, rarely function together in a seamless, cohesive fashion. For an owner, this can present a huge challenge as few owners have the skills or staff to pay close, continuing attention to all the details – details that can make or break a project.

Instead, owners turn to Construction Managers/Project Managers (CMs) whose expertise in project delivery can help relieve the headaches associated with typical projects.  The CM can skillfully collaborate with and provide oversight to the various parties and stakeholders to deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to the owner’s expected standard of quality. While there is some confusion amongst the general public as to the role of a CM, Professional CMs are not general contractors or constructors but leaders managing all stakeholders involved in a project.

So when do CMs become involved in a project?  In the best scenarios they are involved at the very outset of a project, working closely with an Owner to develop the project objectives and visions to move from project inception to design and ultimately, to completed construction. In this role, the CM can use both construction expertise as well as leadership techniques to help the owner build a team of qualified representatives performing the various roles in project design and delivery and lead that team through all phases to successful project completion.

In the end, a qualified Professional CM can assist an owner with developing, planning, and delivering a high-quality project that meets the Owner’s objectives while paying close attention to schedule and costs.

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