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This unique coating solution for all industries is now available for your home! The list of surfaces that can be coated is literally endless. Finally, there is a coating that offers you maximum protection. And Pono has it!

Pono Consulting Group guarantees that no other product in the world performs like this. And that’s why we decided to bring it to homes like yours.

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Ceramic coating is an industrial, super-durable protective sealant that can be applied to almost any surface. It creates a rigid, yet flexible glass- like shield that ensures maximum durability and strength. This product is often used in heavy industry applications because it provides an additional protective layer – featuring maximum hardness and self-cleaning properties.

With ceramic coating, you’ll get the same level of protection and surface slickness you sometimes see on fine automobiles and on materials like glass on buildings or inside stores. Surfaces like marble countertops can be kept clean and stain-free with little effort. Wood can be sealed, preserved and protected from UV rays, moisture and humidity.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Tubs, Showers

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